Jewish Quarter and Jewish Cemetery

Jewish Quarter

Remains of the Jewish Quarter can be seen even today. For example, several houses are still adorned with tankards that remind of the Levite tribe. The Sabbath chain, first installed in 1875 ensured that the pathway and thus the quarter could be closed on the holy day of rest. It is still in place albeit not in use today.

Integral components of the Jewish Quarter are two cemeteries. The older one was in use between 1679 and 1875. The new cemetery has been in use since 1875.

Jewish Cemetery

The old Jewish Cemetery had been installed in the 17th century near the Jewish Quarter. Due to place restrictions, the new cemetery was set up near the old one. During the Nazi-occupation it was partly destroyed and tombstones had been used to erect tank barriers all around the city. After 1945 both cemeteries were renovated and the tombstones were put back into place.

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