Hospital Church

The Church of St. John of God's Brothers is thought to have been built in 1739 by Prince Anton Esterházy in lieu of an older chapel that used to be in its place.

The high baroque church is consecrated to St. Anthony. It may be found in the south-west corner of the large complex of buildings that constitute the hospital of the order of St. John of God's Brothers. A plaque on the outer wall of the church reminds of the founder of the church - Prince Anton Esterházy.

The main altar picture dates back to the year 1768. Right above the tabernacle there is a depiction of the holy family in a lavishly carved frame. The side altar on the right features St. John before God and the one on the left the cross with Mary Magdalene.

The beautifully adorned iron grille carrying the alliance coat of arms of the church's founder is truly remarkable. The original onion dome of the roof was replaced by a pointed helm roof early on in the 20th century. The church was been renovated on the inside and on the outside in 1949; at the same time new frescos were added. In 1965 the tower was once more changed to an onion dome.

The church houses one of the organs Haydn used to play on.

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