The Cathedral

The city's parish church consecrated to Saint Martin.

It is rather safe to say that the cathedral took the place of a chapel that was first mentioned in documents dating back to 1264, in which there is talk of a "capella Sancti Martini". The founder and builder-owner of the church we see today was Hans Siebenhirter, who was lord of lien in the town of Eisenstadt since 1463.

In 1495 the long nave's vault was completed. The four storey tower to the north, including its hip roof and corner towers was built in 1520. The southern tower never was built. A fire in 1589 caused the nave to cave in. It had not been restored until 1628/29.

The choir vault was renewed in 1904 within the framework of a "re-gothication". The round windows were replaced by windows with pointed arches and adorned with stained glass windows.

The crypt located underneath the presbytery dates back to the year 1716. It was built under parish priest Matthias Marckhl and serves as bishop's crypt since 1962.

The family chapel contains the former side altar picture of "Mary of Victory" and was painted in 1747 by Michael Angelo Unterberger.

Next to the church there is a cemetery that is no longer in use. In 1804 the charnel house from 1501 was torn down. In 1952 the church underwent general renovation both on the inside and out.

In 2002/2003 the cathedral was renovated again, the interior was refurbished. The modern furnishings were designed by the artist Brigitte Kowanz.


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