Haydn-Haus Eisenstadt


Haydn House Eisenstadt

Haydn House

When he got promoted to conductor in 1766, Haydn bought this house and lived there with his wife Aloisia Keller until 1778. Haydn and Eisenstadt are inseparable. From 1761 on, Haydn worked as conductor for the Esterházy court for more than 40 years. Five years after his commission to the Esterházy court, he bought the baroque house situated in what is now called 21 Haydngasse. He lived there for 12 years. Numerous furniture items and original instruments make this collection a true feast for all senses.


Haydn-Haus Eisenstadt
Joseph Haydn-Gasse 19 & 21
7000 Eisenstadt
T +43(0)2682/719-6000 
F +43(0)2682/719-6051

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