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How to get to Eisenstadt

by bus, train or car

Mobilitätszentrale Eisenstadt
T +43(0)2682/21070 (Mo - Fr 8.00 - 16.00 Uhr)


The trip takes about 1 hour leaving from Vienna
Train information:  05/1717;


Two options
1.) Leaving Vienna Südbahnhof going to Neusiedl am See (change trains in Neusiedl), then to Eisenstadt

2.) Leaving Vienna Südbahnhof going to Wulkaprodersdorf (change trains), then to Eisenstadt
There are trains leaving every hour that go to Sopron via Wulkaprodersdorf - the trip takes about one hour.


Regional bus 566 leaving Vienna Südtirolerplatz going to Eisenstadt (and Mörbisch)

Duration of the trip approx. 1 ¼ hours, Express bus approx. 1hour
Information +43 (0)810/222324
Mobilitätszentrale Burgenland +43 (0)2682/21070


From Southern Austria:
Southern Motorway (A2) to  Wr. Neustadt, then go onto S4/S31

From Western Austria:
Western Motorway (A1) to junction Steinhäusl/Alland, towards Graz
Southern Motorway A2 to Guntramsdorf, South Eastern Motorway (A3) to Eisenstadt

From the East:
Airport Motorway (A4) towards Budapest, turn of onto  Highway B50 exit Neusiedl, follow B50 to Eisenstadt

From the North:
Southern Motorway A2 to Guntramsdorf, South Eastern Motorway (A3) to Eisenstadt

Exit Müllendorf: to the West of Eisenstadt, Kleinhöflein
Exit Eisenstadt Süd: City Centre, Technologiezentrum, Industrial Park
Exit East: St. Georgen, Schützen, Donnerskirchen, all the way to Neusiedl)


Any trip in town: € 5,00


City Taxi

Wagner: 02682/75999
Bauer: 0676/4301364
Erdt: 0664/3006066
Michalik: 02682/73737
Hallo Taxi: 0664/6414411

Schöffbeck: 0699/11188188

Stadttaxi: 0699/12412424


Ladinig: 0699/10212121

Distances from Eisenstadt to the Following Cities

Eisenstadt - Vienna: 57 km
Eisenstadt - Vienna Internation Airport (VIE) Schwechat: 65 km
Eisenstadt - Graz: 174 km
Eisenstadt - Budapest: 242 km
Eisenstadt - Bratislava: 69 km
Eisenstadt - Sopron: 26 km
Eisenstadt - Forchtenstein: 23 km
Eisenstadt - Güssing: 139 km
Eisenstadt - Heiligenbrunn: 122 km
Eisenstadt - Jennersdorf: 157 km
Eisenstadt - Mörbisch/See: 19 km
Eisenstadt - Neusiedl am See: 31 km
Eisenstadt - Oberpullendorf: 48 km
Eisenstadt - Rust: 14 km
Eisenstadt - Rohrau: 44 km
Eisenstadt - Wiener Neustadt: 30 km

For more detailed information call:
01/71199/1444 or 01/71199/6700

Parking in Eisenstadt

Metered Parking, Metered Hours:
Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 pm, Sat 8 am - noon

Metered Parking Zones:
Ruster Strasse (D4)
Osterwiese (E3)
WIFI-Parking (D4-E4)

Feldstrasse (E4)
Bad Kissingen-Platz (E3-E4)
Freiheitsplatz (E3)

Free Parking:
Glorietteallee (C2-C4) 1 1/2 hour free with parking meter

Bus Parking

Glorietteallee (vis-à-vis Entrance Palace Park), This modern centrally located bus parking also features a restroom.

Parking fee:   €  3,-- per hour
Daily Max  € 15,--